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At the beginning of 21st century, the number of high school leavers in Maldives was on the increase and the number of scholarship opportunities to study abroad was declining. The only higher education option for the high school leavers was the state-owned college with limited opportunities. At a time when higher education was seen as inferior, Villa College redefined the country’s private higher education, establishing itself on equal footing with public higher education. Today, Villa College, established by the Chairman of Villa Group, Honourable Dr Qasim Ibrahim, is the leading private higher education institution in the Maldives, providing educational opportunities for Maldivians at an affordable price, within the country. Initially established as a training institute on 28 January 2007, Villa College upgraded its status, becoming the first private college in the Maldives in less than ten months from its inception. Over the years, Villa College has expanded not only in size but in stature and diversity as well. The journey that started in October 2007 with only 20 students has grown to over 3,000 students learning across a number of diverse disciplines making it one of the foremost and popular colleges in the Maldives. Within just five years, Villa College grew in terms of academic and administrative capacity, and today programmes in the areas of Accounting, Business, Education, Hospitality, Computer Science, Multimedia Technology, Law, Public Health, Marine Studies, and Shariah are on offer in Villa College. In addition, opportunities for students in skills training and professional studies in Accountancy, Marine Studies and Hospitality and Diving are also available in Villa College. Villa College also offers most number of postgraduate programmes in the country, including Masters of Arts in Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Shariah, Master of Information Technology, Masters in Research Studies and Master of Research in Public Health, Master of Science Accounting and Finance. Accordingly, Villa College has been the leader in higher education in terms of postgraduate studies. We are also one of Maldives dual-sector colleges. This means students can easily pathway from vocational education to higher education – such as from a certificate or diploma course through to an undergraduate degree or even a postgraduate qualification by coursework or research. Today, with its vibrant community of committed and enthusiastic staff, Villa College remains steadfast in its vision to be the leader in both teaching and learning as well as research in higher education, to reach the whole expanse of the country with opportunities for flexible higher education at an affordable price and to provide quality education recognized internatonally.
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Our academic and non-academic programmes and activities are designed to develop leadership skills, problem-solving skills and communications skills that will benefit you in all walks of life.


We recognize the importance of learning beyond four walls. Field trips and exposure trips are some of the most enjoyable learning elements for our students. We encourage you to organize and engage in such study tours and co- curricular activities with your fellow classmates. Apart from your self-organized activities, the Villa College Student Association (VCSA) and other clubs offer dynamic activities which provide you opportunities to socialize, make friends and create everlasting memories. We are committed to making your college experience engaging and vibrant.


The future requires you to think broadly. Success in today’s professional life depends huge on your ability to make the right decisions and your problem-solving skills. Our programmes are embedded with simulations in which students work as teams in a virtual world, where they apply the theories and compete to succeed in real-world scenarios through simulation games. These unique learning experiences make our graduates employment-ready before they leave college.


We value real-world connections in preparing you for the future. Our Corporate Access to Student Talent (CAST) programme gives an insight into major industries and networking opportunities with a range of professional organizations in the Maldives. Our industry links provide you with opportunties for internships in the areas of your interest with prospective employers throughout the country.
Graduate Qualities
We aim to develop graduates with the following qualities: · Having strong knowledge and expertise in their discipline area, with insights into its local and international relevance both in theory and practice, and  showing effective, practical application of this knowledge in life and at work. · Command of strong social and interpersonal skills that enable them to be more effective at work as well as in life. · Exceptional leadership qualities and initiative-taking within their own family, community and work environment. · Maintaining ethical conduct and respect for diversity in all areas of social and professional life. · Taking responsibility and maintaining accountability for their own actions, as well as concern for the well-being of others. · Having a strong capacity to effectively manage self in a timely and efficient fashion. · Openness to learning, information-seeking and understanding through various sources and new modes. · Portraying openness, acceptance and respect towards differences in opinions and ideas. · Showing keen analytical, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities. · Maintaining professionalism at all times, demonstrating the right values and a positive attitude towards life and work at all times.
Mission and Vision
Our Values
We are driven by the NEEDS of the society We affirm QUALITY as our principal priority We strive to EMPOWER PEOPLE TO BE CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE We inculcate MORAL AND ISLAMIC VALUES We maintain FAIRNESS AND INTEGRITY in all undertakings We endeavour to develop LOVE FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING We promote a CULTURE OF RESPECT AND HARMONY We are determined to DEVELOP a society with RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS